Never Said About Restaurant Websites

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Restaurant website are notoriously bad. This site of sarcastic comments calls them out.

Help Menu Search as Shortcut Button

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A quick way to find buried menu items in Mac OS X.

View Source on Mobile Safari

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For web developers building for the iPad

Mac App Store Makes Installation Simple

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Is this the end of .dmg files and disk images?

Add Attributes to Links via jQuery

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Use jQuery for automatic lightbox-style effect with image links.

Happy New Year!

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2010 was busy; 2011 is starting off the same. That’s great for business, but it keeps me from things like updating this blog.

Is Apple Killing the Mouseover?

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The iPhone-ification of the web is taking :hover away from designers

Recent Site Launches

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Some sites I’ve worked on over the past several months.

Reduce Your PNGs

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Compress Photoshop-generated PNG files

Customize Your Twitter Account

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Customize your Twitter account in three steps