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One thing I’m going to try to focus on for the new year is search engine optimization (SEO) tips. Yes, SEO is sometimes looked at as the smarmy, ugly work of spammers, but that’s not what I’ll be talking about. SEO is really just common sense web development with proper page titles and descriptions. The sites I build allow you to keep this information up-to-date, so how your site appears in search results is under your control.

Sample search at

Sample search at

So, how does your site appear in the major search engines? is a tool that lets you easily see three sets of search results at the same time. This makes it simple to compare how your site appears on Google, Yahoo and Bing (you can also choose Twitter and eBay) and see where you’re ranked in each.

What if your site isn’t showing up in search results? Or you don’t like the text that Google is displaying to describe your site? I’ll be covering these topics in future blog posts; if your needs are more pressing, please feel free to contact me today.