Harvest for Time & Invoice Tracking

Posted by on Jul 6, 2009 in Tools | No Comments

If you’re a freelancer or small businesses who needs to keep track of projects and billable time, I’d recommend Harvest. (Note: I’m not getting any kind of referral fee or kickback from Harvest with this recommendation — I just like the product.) Harvest is a web app that lets you easily track your time, expenses, and invoices, and does so with a very clean and intuitive UI.

I’ve been using Harvest successfully for the past year. Setup is fast and tracking your time is easy using the website, desktop widget, or iPhone app. Creating and sending invoices is very easy with their wizard-like interface, and you can add your company logo to the invoices it creates (that’s about the extent of the customization, though). Keeping track of time spent and expenses for projects, and sending and tracking invoices is probably the least fun part of creative work. But at least Harvest makes it quick and easy to do you can spend most of your time actually working. With a free trial available, it’s worth a test-drive.

For a more in-depth look, check out Simple Station’s comparison of Freshbooks, Harvest and Blinksale. Harvest comes away with their recommendation:

We highly recommend Harvest and are now using it as an integral part of our work flow, invoicing, time tracking and project management.